Overseas Chinese With The Formation Of Port City In South of Vietnam In The XVII-XVIII Century

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Nguyen Dinh Co, Nguyen Xuan Trinh


In the framework of the presentation, we will present the role of Chinese immigrants in the formation and development of the
bustling urban ports in the Southern region in the beginning (XVII-XVIII century). Along with the volatility of the Chinese
situation in the late seventeenth century, the migration wave of Chinese groups "anti dynasty Thanh and restore the Ming
Dynasty" into the South took place strongly. In line with the development of the era of great trade, along with the policy of
encouraging the commercial development of Nguyen lords in Dang Trong, the Overseas Chinese played an important role in
forming the major port towns in the South, such as: Cu Lao street, My Tho city, Ha Tien, Cho Lon ...

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