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Dr.Ajay Singh,Dr.Anurag Kumar, Dr.Rahul Gupta


Paradigm shift is inevitable in all kinds of businesses across globe in sustaining market share,
profitability and shareholder interests. The external competitive forces are highly dynamic and complex
while internal forces are becoming multifaceted and Industries find difficulties & challenges to come up
with relevant & acceptable solutions. By the time Industries find a solution they lose market and capital.
Education is not an exception. The growing demand of industries and their fast changing standards of
operations to remain competitive put a pressure and a question mark onthe education system particularly
in professional education. Every year lakhs of graduates are being churned out of these educational
institutions who donot have the requisite skill set as desired by industry resulting into very few being
offered jobs in the industry and a major chunk remaining unemployed or underemployed. This lack
lustre performances has resulted into taking away the sheen from various prestigious programs.
Researchersthrough this paper try to find a gap and see the possibility filling such gap through seamless
leadership. The seamless leadership is an inspirational practice to look for the roots of the attributes of
leadership that enable leaders to do what others may consider to be the impossible. It focuses on positive
energy, engagement, respect, adaptability, humbleness, listening, challenging of status quo,
accountability and innovation.

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