Happening Earthquakes and its impacts on Sulaimani governorate (from 2014 to 2018)

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Ezzadin J.D. Palani, Omed Hamabaqi Hama Ameen


Sulaimani governorate is located in the northeast of Iraq, between the latitudes (35°3'32"- 36°34'52") North and longitudes (44°25'52" - 46°16'11") East. The area reaches (12181.3 km2), the research shows relationship between earthquakes and tectonically movement with determining the type of earthquakes according to their location, time, and depth. The purpose of the investigation is to identify the causes of earthquake and areas where affected by the earthquake, also damages they cause to happen. This research is based on the recorded data of the Meteorological and Earthquake Station in Sulaimani Governorate with the Iraqi Meteorological organization and Seismology Department between (2014 and 2018). The total number of earthquakes that occurred during the study reaches (113) earthquakes. The highest number of earthquakes in the district Kalar and Darbandikhan have occurred, was (28, 22) of the earthquake, which makes (25%, 22%) of the total earthquake in the investigation area, and there are differences in earthquakes and recurrences due to the differences in the months and seasons of the year. The highest number of earthquakes in February, March and May reach (26, 18, 17) earthquakes and it makes (23%, 15.9%, 15.04 %) of the earthquakes in the investigation area after one. This is due to the movement of both Arabic and Iranian plates and the faults in the area and weakness of geological structure in the southern and southeast areas. As a result of the earthquake, many people were killed and many others were injured, as many as on (12 November 2017), five people were killed and (30) injured in the earthquake in Darbandikhan district, rather than collapsing of houses, damaging dams, roads and residential in the areas.

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