Opposite dualities in constructing the narrative language of SalimMatar's novels: Wasl and Separate as a model

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Asaad Nasser Obaid, Prof. Dr. SuadBadi' Mutair Al-Baydani


It is the language of the vital artery in the narrative formation of the work. It is the flow of the writer's thoughts
and feelings through H's ear that motivates her in Hia of. The bulk of the understanding of this work should pay
attention to BP nee Te and at. It includes duets that unite with one another, and in which Lynch and Ton
interact, words melt into a melting pot of creativity and beauty. These dualities have an inherent potency that
radiates a creative glow as they sound deeply philosophical, inspired by critical and rhetorical sciences. Reflect
the nature of the composition on the basis of the presence of two contradictory parties. Transcending the direct
and superficial combination of these parties, to a stronger and more effective relationship represented by the
bond of contradiction and beauty. Therefore, this study came to know the importance arising from the crosspollination
of apparent or implicit antonyms with the joints and branches of separation and association, and
how the writer uses these binaries in building and forming texts. In order to stand for broader and deeper
connotations, a language that is straighter and brighter in the totality of its manifestations and aspirations

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