Examining Influence of Perceived Organizational Support (POS), and Trust onOrganizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB) of Lecturer

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Irma Muthoharoh, Suryadi, Matin


The importance of organizational support in relationships between organizations and lecturers; how work attitudes and lecturers behavior have influenced the relationship between lecturers and organizations known as social exchange theory. Most social exchange theory thinking and reciprocal specifications are used in perceived organizational support studies. A sense of obligation is given to lecturers through reciprocity specifications so they can give back to their organization. This study examines the outcomes of the perceived organizational support among Indonesian lecturers especially at the Islamic University of Jakarta. Path analysis was used to examine the proposed hypotheses. One hundred and nine out of hundred and fifty samples were selected randomly by using the Slovin formula.The findings show, there is a positive effect of perceived organizational support on organizational citizenship behavior.

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