Alimony for Relatives is A Comparative Jurisprudential Matter

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Assistant Professor Dr. Mohammed Jasim Naser Al-Zaidi


1-The issue of alimony for relatives is summed up by the fact that the amount of this alimony on the relative has a known limit estimated by the same need, because people have different needs according to place, time, situation and custom
2- The spenders differ in their financial capabilities from one of them to another, between the wealthy who is comfortable and the wealthy for him, and the average for the case, Islam demanded that both sides be taken into account, so the spender according to his ability, and the spender on him and his need, so this need is met with knowledge, and the well-known is estimated according to the existing custom unless May God and His Messenger - may God bless him and grant him peace - value him among the obligatory rights, so the reference in it is to custom1
3- Islam affirmed the right of kinship to a relationship of the kinship, and among this connection is the consideration of the r ich relative of the economic aspect of his poor relative and the provision of the needs he needs. ).
4- The bond of kinship is for every affluent relative to take into account his relative with the poor and needy, by inspecting him and his financial conditions and seeing what he needs to provide for him and has a meaning for solidarity and social sol idarity and in this achievement of economic security
5- The alimony of the wealthy relative on his poor relative includes an investigation of social security, and it includes:
A- Food, water, and clothing for winter and summer to suit both of them.
B- Marrying someone who is eager to get married, and spending on his wife and dependents
C- The dwelling and the associated furniture and bedding, and the servant for someone who is unable to serve himself
D- The necessity of treatment and medication, according to the saying of the Messenger of God - may God bless him and grant
him peace -: ((Heal the servants of God, for God has not created a disease except for a medicine for it)).

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