The Influence of Entrepreneurs through Business Performance Competitive Advantage of the Small and Medium Enterprises Sector in Makassar City

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Syahribulan, Muhammad Azis, Anshari, Agung Widhi Kurniawan, Romansyah Sahabuddin


This study aims to determine the contribution of the small and medium business sector to the gross regional domestic product of South Sulawesi Province. Makassar City, the capital city of South Sulawesi Province, has the potential to apply for a workforce of 97.3 percent of the total workforce in this area. During the Covid-19 Pandemic, the small and medium business sector contributed 53.6 percent of the gross regional domestic product in South Sulawesi. The traditional food processing industry in Makassar City is one of the businesses that contribute to local economic growth. A total of 166 small food industries are spread across 13 sub-districts in Makassar City and can absorb around 400 employees. The absorption of this workforce in the typical food industry sector also reduces the increasing unemployment rate during the Covid-19 period in Makassar City. One of the advantages of the Makassar City food industry is that it is unique so that it becomes an attraction for residents. Currently, the number of SMEs in Makassar City is 8,592 small and medium scale is 2,339, in total the number of small and medium enterprises in Makassar City is 10,931. The types of business groups consist of the types of food and beverage, handicraft, convection, trade, services, and culinary businesses.

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