The Readiness of the Faculty of ArtsatThe University of Jordan in Teaching Blended Learning during Covid-19 Pandemic from Students’ Perspectives

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Prof. Monther Sameh AlAtoum


This study aims at unravelling the readiness in teaching blended learning in the
Faculty of Arts at the University of Jordan during Covid-19 pandemic from
students’ perspectives. After assuring the validity and reliability of the instrument,
it has been applied. Such instrument is pertained to the readiness in teaching
blended learning. It consists of (46) items that are distributed to five fields, namely,
university infrastructure, technological infrastructure, a faculty member, students,
and educational content. The sample contains (216) students who are randomly
chosen. The findings reveal that the readiness level in teaching blended learning in
the Faculty of Arts at the University of Jordan is high. The first field (university
infrastructure) occupies the first rank with the very high level, followed by the
fourth field (students) with a high level, subsequent by the third field (a faculty
member) that occupies the third rank with a high level. The fifth level (the
educational content) occupies the fourth rank with a high level, whereas the second
field (technological infrastructure) occupies the fifth rank with an average level.
The findings of the study revealed that there are no statistical significant
differences at the statistical significance level ( α =0.05) among the means of
assessments of the subjects of the study concerning the instrument’s paragraphs
related to the readiness of teaching blended learning as a whole. Each of its field is
attributed to the gender variable.

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