Effects of Cultural Diversity on Teaching and Learning of English as Second Language

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Babar Shuja


The present study throws light on cultural diversity issues and its effects on second language
learners in graduate classrooms in Hafizabad. The main component is that students‟ statements
and their views about cultural diversity in L2 teaching as it is the focus of investigation. In this
research, code – switching is allowed for the students to record their statements because for
many students, L2 proved to be limited. This research reflects the students‟ views and reflection
about cultural diversity. Controversial relations between language and culture are always
concerned about L2 learners and teachers. The undersigned research study is going to have
insight into the cultural identification of the students in the classrooms with reference to
language teaching. The study is going to take place in Hafizabad district in order to find out the
impact of language culture among L2 teaching in the language classroom at the graduate level. .
This paper presents a brief background on the impact of culture on language. Through L2 study,
mostly students get awareness and apprehension of the culture through utilize of the language.

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