An Empirical Study of Organizational Role Stress and Personality Types on Mental Health of Women Software Professionals

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Sheeba Khan PhD


The present study investigates the relationship of Organizational Role Stress and Personality
Types with Mental Health among Women Software Professionals. A descriptive design was
adopted to describe and report the related phenomenon. 100 female Software professionals were
randomly selected. Age of the participants ranging from 21-37 years. The tools used in the study
are Organizational Role Stress Scale, Behaviour Activity Profile – A Type A Measure of
Personality and the Cornell Medical Index Health Questionnaire (CMIHQ). The obtained results
revealed that Role Stagnation, Role Expectation Conflict, Role Overload, Personal Inadequacy,
Self-Role Distance and Resource Inadequacy have been found significantly related with Mental
Health Problems. Personal Inadequacy, Role Expectation Conflict, Type A Behaviour Pattern
and Role Isolation emerged as significant predictors of Mental Health.

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