Improving Performance Through Teacher Empowerment, Pedagogical Competence And Achievement Motivation (Empirical Study using Correlational and SITOREM Analysis in Bogor Senior High School)

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Rahmawati Alwi, Thamrin Abdullah, M. Entang


This study uses a correlational approach. The research population consisted of 525
teachers in the Bogor and a random sample was obtained with the formula as many as
228 people. Quantitative data were collected through questionnaires and statistical
analysis methods using regression and correlation. The purpose of this study was to find
effective efforts to improve teacher performance by examining variables related to
improving teacher performance, including strengthening teacher empowerment,
pedagogic competence and achievement motivation.
The results of the quantitative stage show that there is a positive and significant
relationship between the three independent variables with increasing performance,
sequentially based on the strength of the relationship between improving performance as
follows: 1) strengthening teacher empowerment (ry1 = 0.549, p < 0.05); 2) pedagogic
competence (ry2 = 0.450, < 0.05) and achievement motivation (ry3 = 0.321, p < 0.05).

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