The effect of the Polya strategy in solving chemical problems on the achievement of fourth-class students

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Prof. Dr. Mohammed Khalil Ibrahim, Prof. Adnan Hikmat Al Bayati


The aim of the research is to investigate the effect ofPolya 's strategy in solving
chemical problems on the achievementoffourth-degree students. The researchers
tested al-Adhamiya Preparatory School for Girls in a random way because it
contained 5 sections, for the fourth scientific class, and Division (A) was selected by
random assignment in the fourth scientific class people to represent the experimental
group. In the triangle of the (B) division of the control group, the number of female
students in the research sample reached (30) students in each division. An
achievement test consisting of (20) substantive items was prepared and then the test
validity was verified, and 80% agreement was obtained using the apparent validity
and content validity, and the test reliability was (0.88) using the Spearman-Brown
equation and the appropriate statistical methods were used. The statistical results
showed that the average scores of the students of the experimental group of Division
(A), which studied according to the Polya strategy, were higher than the average
scores of the students of the divergent control group (B), which were studied
according to the traditional method and in favor of the experimental group, which
indicates the effectiveness of the Polya strategy in increasing and improving the
achievement of the students. The experimental group because it adopts directed
discovery and provokes the love of learning among the students and increases the
intensity of attention, as the students are able to translate the chemical problem in a
way that is consistent with their ability to find the appropriate solution to the problem,
due to the ability of this strategy to organize the knowledge of the students, which
raises their level of achievement in Chemistry .
The researchers recommended the necessity of using it in science teaching because of
its effective effect in raising the level of achievement, and many suggestions were
made in this regard.

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