The effect of similar performance of rubber ropes exercises on developing special strength and achieving discus throwing for female juniors

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Lec. Dr. Saeed AlwanHilal, Lec. Dr.AbduljabbarkareemAllaw


The purpose of this paper isto prepare exercises similar to performance using rubber ropes
with the legalization of training loads for these exercises during the performance stages, and
to identify their impact on the special strength and the achievement of discus throwing for
young women aged (16-17) years.The researcher adopted the experimental method with a
one-group design with two pre and post-tests for its suitability and the nature of the objectives
and problem of the research.The research sample included the players of the Athletics
Training Center / Diyala Education Directorate for the year (2020/2021), the junior category,
and the number of them are (6) players who were chosen by the intentional method, and
homogeneity was extracted for them in the research variables.After the results of the research,
we concludeRubber ropes exercises similar to performance have contributed to the
development of explosive strength and speed characteristic of the muscles of the legs and
arms, and this was positively reflected through the clear impact on the achievement of discus
throw among the members of the research sample.The researchers recommends the use of
these exercises because of their great impact on the muscular strength of the female discus
throwers, as well as being a training method that ensures the presence of external resistance
with positive and health effects compared to free weights whose use can lead to complications
on the bone formation of the joints, especially for young women and athletes with young ages.

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