Impact of ‘Mode of Delivery using Text’ on E-Learning in the Digital Age

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Dr. M. Amaad Uppal, Dr. Samnan Ali


In recent times, higher education institutions are trying to boost students’ online learning
performance through utilization of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs).
Developments in computing, information storage, software, and networking are all deemed as
significant tools for teaching and learning, which are also altering the paradigms of class room
teaching. In current study, we investigated how delivery modes/media particularly text plus
graphics are important to the domain of e-learning, and why delivery modes are an important
aspect of pedagogy. The study encompassed the media richness theory, the cognitive theory of
multimedia learning, and considered how the extended SERVQUAL model (i.e. ELQ model)
constructs in context of certain delivery modes influenced students’ learning. Research, from a
sample of 475 university students, revealed their preference for effective utilization of delivery
modes in line with different dimensions of the ELQ model. The results are deemed to provide
useful assistance to higher education community that how text plus graphics delivery modes can
be related to the development of students’ performance in on-line learning environment.

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