Role of Teachers in Transferring Knowledge and Awareness in Pre-Engineering Students: Qualitative Analysis

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Fatima Afsar, Humaira Jami


Technical and technological education is one of the most popular programs taught at almost
every high school and middle school including pre-engineering program (Blais, 2004).
Engineering is one of the prestigious fields of choice for majority of Pakistani students, but the
motivation and interest to study is declining day by day which is a matter of concern at both
national and international level. The role of significant others was considered important by most
researchers and specifically teachers are well acquainted with the problems, challenges and
aptitudes of the students. Considering their importance, seven interviews were taken from 4 male
and 3 female teachers teaching at pre-engineering level using interview guides. Thematic
analysis was done to extract the themes and categories. Students’ awarenessabout field and
interest, the barriers they faced during their FSc, their motivation and motivational factors,
values, achievement, and other related factors emerged as major themes based upon teacher’s

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