Explaining Model of Questioning Spirit Prediction Based on Emotional Intelligence and Cognitive and Emotional Indicators

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Hamid Zolfaghari, Gholamreza Tavakoli, Mahdi Zamani Mazdeh


Educational institutions are considered as one of the most important and infrastructural institutions in the society due to their serious role in educating the future generation, therefore, paying attention to the Questioning Spiritin the employees of these institutions is special importance. The aim of this study was to explain the model of predicting the spirit of questioning based on emotional intelligence and cognitive and emotional indicators. The statistical population included all staff and faculty members of Mashhad universities that 240 people were studied by cluster sampling. The instruments used in this study were Baron Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire, Heydari Questioning SpiritQuestionnaire, Stroop Test and Comprehensive audiovisual test. The questionnaires were administered in accordance ethical principles and were statistically analyzed using path analysis and Pearson correlation coefficient. Findings indicated a good fit of the Questioning Spiritexplanation model based on emotional intelligence and cognitive and emotional indicators. Also, the relationship between research variables and the spirit of Questioning was significant. These findings indicate the need for multidimensional attention to the factors affecting the spirit of questioning, in order to improve the level of this component in individuals.

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