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Richard G. Ilustrisimo and Jewish Merin


Teachers should learn how to improve themselves and be an expert of their field because
teachers could not teach what they didn't know. They are the model of knowledge and that is why
there is a need to develop their profession every now and then. The study finds-out the
importance of professional growth and development of teachers towards themselves and their
individual work. The study aims to link Socrates' learned ignorance to the professional growth of
teachers as it presents the effects of professional growth and development of teachers to their coteachers,
students and even to their community. Guadalupe Elementary Schoolis the research
locale, and the respondents of the study are the DepEd elementary teachers with an interview
sheet that describes their professional growth as a teacher and how it helps develop themselves
and others. With the use of qualitative descriptive methods, the result showed that teachers
should learn how to develop themselves and to grow as professionals in relation to Socrates'
knowledge. The more teachers have learned, the more they discover what they haven’t known so
continuity of learning happens.

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