Berry’s Model of Acculturation: An Analytical View of Bapsi Sidhwa’s Ice Candy Man

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Bushra Akram, Dr. Sahibzada Aurangzeb, Tanzilah Bashir


The aim of the present research is to depict the pejoration and amelioration with special
reference to cultural elements through the lens of Berry's model of Acculturation in
Bapsi Sidhwa’s Ice Candy Man, a Pakistani novelist. This study is based to encompass
analysis of the novel Ice Candy Man through the lens of Berry's model of acculturation
which deals with assimilation, separation, integration and marginalization. The present
study elaborates two kinds of acculturation modes and four acculturation strategies of
John Berry’s model and its application on the novel. This study is qualitative in nature
and mainly focuses on the text of the novel, Ice Candy Man. The secondary source of
data is collected from the already works done on the same literary piece or pejoration
and amelioration on another literary pieces with specification of those elements based
on culture. The current study is conducted with a hope to associate new ideas to the
literary text for the readers and researchers. It, further, creates room for the future
scholars to understand these associations of meaning and identify the same in other
literary piece by applying the same model for analysis.

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