The Duality of Fear and Rebellion in the Palestinian Cultural Scene: A Socio logical Interpretation

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Hasan Barmil,Bassam Youssef Ibrahim Banat, Bashir Ahmed


This study was organized into three modules in addition to the introduction, the study objective, its
methodology, and finally, the study conclusion. The first componentexplores the theoretical origin of the
concept of social binaries, social collocations, and interpretation. The second displays a descriptive
presentation of the position of the Palestinian with regards to the duality of fear and rebellion. The third
ends with an interpretation of the texts of the poem, the novel and the caricature, which are inhabited by
fear and rebellion, through a cultural scene whereby a group of the elite of poets and novelists reign at its
summit, of the likes of Abu Salma, Mahmoud Darwish, Samih Al-Qasim, Ghassan Kanafani as well as
Naji Al-Ali, the caricature creative artist. The study further reviews these scenes from a sociological
perspective based on the interpretation of a selected sample of the works of this elite.

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