Autotelic Personality and Work Place in Banks

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Sayed Abbas, Sana Ul Hai, Farah Sultana


Autotelic character depicts inside driven individuals with a propensity to take part in an action for the good of its own. Those with autotelic characters’ experience less pressure in the domain of stream than beyond it. This article will be a study on bank officers’ autotelic personalities “how autotelic personality change in workplace?” and how bank officers’ personality traits are effect by the flow of the workplace. In this two types of scales are used. One is for the measure of “autotelic personality” and the other is “components of flow experience.” These types of scales are already used for Autotelic personality and workplace

[1]. Total of 36 items are included in this questionnaire, 26 items in the autotelic personality scale and 10 items in components of flow experience. 300 Participants are included in this research.

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