Impact of Parents Conflict on Substance Abuse Initiation with Prescription Drugs Dependence as Moderator and Mediating Role of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

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Ashiq Ali, Saba Waheed


This study aims atfinding whether parents conflict has impact on initiation of substance abuse, as this main factor leads to the mediating effect of post-traumatic stress disorder in individuals. Specific objective includes the study of moderating effects of prescription drugs dependance on substance abuse initiation following post-traumatic stress disorder. The data was collected from the 293 patients of rehabilitation centers and psychiatrists’ clinics and young students of universities in Rawalpindi and Islamabad, Pakistan. Questionnaires were distributed among those individuals and sampling was done using convenience sampling method. Statistical analysis include correlation and regression techniques. Based on the statistical results, all the suggested hypotheses were found to be supported. Henceforth, the study finds that parent’s conflict is positively correlated with initiation of substance abuse in young adults following post-traumatic stress disorder as the triggering factor. The positive moderating effect of prescription drug dependence is also profound in the initiation of substance abuse. This study would be helpful in the development of such intervention strategies in future that would prevent the growing harmful issue of substance abuse. This is because the root causes of this serious issue being identified through this study would benefit in addressing all these issues more precisely. Strict check and balance is required for dispensing of prescription medicines along with the provision of basic cohesive family environment to children for their better development and behavioral outcome

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