“Hummingbird India- home away from home: a case study of revolutionary Business concept in corporate stay solution in India”

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Abhilasha Singh Upadhyaya


The case had been prepared in the context of hospitality industry in India with a company called Hummingbird Corporate Travel and Stay India Pvt. Ltd. henceforth, in this case study, Hummingbird Corporate Travel and Stay India Pvt. Ltd would be mentioned as Humming Bird India. The case study is developed on the framework of organizational life cycle. The case study briefly describes the journey of Humming Bird India from being the first of its kind and the milestone in the story of providing corporate stay solution in India. This case study aims to explore the purpose of existence of the organization, the philosophy behind the foundation, the critical success factors, various challenges in growth, and diversification of business in complex market conditions. In addition, the road to success will be analyzed in order to understand how challenges are managed and reduced in order to achieve success. To do so, the detailed analysis of the organizational life cycle is done and it also studies in detail that how Hummingbird emerged as a maiden player in corporate stay business and became threat to the existing and upcoming players.

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