The Evolution of Foreign Policy under the AKP

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Antar Kedjour


Turkish diplomacy under the AKP has undergone a qualitative leap and a comprehensive development, as Turkey has become an important player in international politics, and a party that cannot be bypassed in any way.

This success,it had many reasons, which can be summarized as follows: 1. Employ geographical power, given Turkey's geographical location. 2- Focus on soft power, as an effective way to gain results without losses.3- Resorting to solid politics, in times that require it.4- Independence in decision-making, and rejection of dependence on another state.5- Zeroing problems, with all countries, especially neighboring countries.6- Moving in all directions.7- Strengthening the home front, because it strengthens the external position.8- Strengthening democracy, as the best system for eliminating the deep state- Balancing the promotion of freedoms and security measures.10- Realism, avoiding idealism and far from reality.11- Entrepreneurship, because it avoids the problem before it occurs.12- Moving away from points of disagreement and focusing on points of agreement.13- Diplomatic intelligence, knowing reality well, the way and time of action.14- Popular diplomacy, and winning the hearts of peoples.

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