Sustainable transformations in contemporary higher education technology: online visual lessons in the pandemic

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Toumi Belkacem, Kheiri Nouh, Ahmed Ferhat, Toual Abdeleaziz, Habba Ouadia


The most significant benefit in the COVID-19 situation comes from the experience we have gained as academics and practitioners of the educational fields at all levels, where reality is the complete opposite of what we think. To achieve the process of scientific acquisition, we engineered the local educational reality and measured its performance using standards, instruments, and conditions of validity that we did not produce. Globally, it is now obvious that relying on the Internet for education has led to gaps across nations, within states, and even between cities and their outskirts, which has sped up the development of alternate routes. We may be able to adapt to the educational content and connect the conventional lessons in a way that can be seen and reached by every home by using traditional solutions, such as education via television, as the visual medium occupies a leading position in its capacity to form awareness, communicate information, and guide those who are open to it for purposes

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