The organizational commitment of managers and its relationship to the ethics of strategic decision and its social responsibility (applied study at the University of Maysan)

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Soulaf Abdalqadir Hameed Alsady, Raghad Adnan Mahdi


The study aims to know the reality of the interest and consideration of those in charge of administration at the university in preparing strategic decisions according to the requirements of human resources in order to provide the best of their energies and competencies at work, in addition to their sincerity and commitment at work, and to clarify and interpret the relationships and influence between organizational commitment and the ethics of strategic decision. And diagnosing the level of organizational commitment of the managers at the university under study, diagnosing which dimension of organizational commitment has the most impact, and clarifying the theoretical and scientific implications and implications of organizational commitment and the ethics of strategic decision. The study was applied at the University of Maysan by designing a questionnaire. This form was distributed to individuals working at the university, and a set of appropriate statistical methods were used for this purpose. The study reached a set of conclusions, the most important of managers and the ethics of the strategic decision in the form that benefits the individual and society.

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