The impact of the Covid-19 social and physical restrictive measures on Cypriot parents’ and children’s’ well-being

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Dr. Ioannidou Louiza, Dr. Hadjicharalambous Demetris, Dr. Demetriou Loucia


The present study examines how Covid-19 and the imposed social/physical protection measures and restrictions are related to parents' personal and social challenges in the Cyprus population. Furthermore, the study examines how these difficulties affect the psychosocial and behavioral well-being of parents and their offspring. Our sample included 296 parents of minors from six to seventeen years. Parents completed the Covid Impact Scale, the Depression Anxiety Stress Scale, and the Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire. Data analysis revealed that the Covid-19 perceived parental difficulties negatively impacted their personal and emotional well-being and affected children's emotions and conduct. When the Covid-19 perceived challenges affect parental well-being, then parents' communication with their children may become ineffective thus, increasing the possibility for children to develop emotional issues. Our findings reinforce the need to develop prevention programs to enhance children's and parents' psycho-emotional status.

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