Role of Dating Violence victimization in depressive symptoms and PTSD among young females: A multivariate Approach

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Damanjit Sandhu, Mohd Ayub, Kirandeep Kaur


The present study aims to find the effect of dating violence victimization on depressive symptoms and PTSD symptoms among young females. A sample of females with age range 19 – 26 years from various universities of Punjab was selected using purposive sampling. Dating Violence Questionnaire, Beck Depression Inventory and Impact of Events Revised Scale were applied to this sample and only 194 females who scored at least 1 to dating violence questionnaire were included in sample. Using median split, two groups (high/low) were formed based on dating violence. Results showed positive correlation among dating violence, depression and PTSD symptoms. Further MANOVA results indicate that females higher on dating violence victimization have more depressive symptoms and PTSD symptoms as compared to low dating victimization. Limitations and further suggestions were discussed regarding present study.

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