The Islamic Stock Market and Macroeconomic Relationship

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Subur Karyatun et al.


This study aims to empirically confirm that macroeconomic factors, namely inflation, the rupiah exchange rate, and BI interest rates can determine the development of sharia stock prices. The sample in this study were listed on the Indonesian Sharia Stock Index (ISSI) in the Consumer Goods Industry sector with a total of 13 companies that met the sampling criteria. The results of the analysis using multiple linear regression techniques, prove that all macroeconomic factors namely inflation, the rupiah exchange rate and the yBI rate had no significant effect on sharia stock prices. The results of this study confirm that the sharia stock market is strong macroeconomic fluctuations even though in a limited period. The implications of this research for investors can be given special attention and consideration in determining sharia investment as an alternative investment in the capital market.

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