The Efficiency of Islamic Banks and Conventional Banks in Indonesia Using Data Envelopment Analysis Approach

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Retno Fitrianti, Sri Undai Nurbayani


Banking sector mediation is related to efficiency in economic performance. As a financial institution, banks need to maintain their performance in order to operate optimally, one factor that must be considered is efficiency in performance. This research aimed to analyze the efficiency of Islamic Banks and Conventional Commercial Bank in Indonesia. Using a purposive sample technique for two Islamic banks and two commercial banks. Fixed assets, deposits, and other operating expenses as input variablesused, while credit as output variable.  Using Data Envelopment Analysis to calculate the efficiency of banking. The results show that all Sharia Commercial Bank samples reached efficiency level 1 was efficient. Besides, the sample of conventional commercial banks used in this study is not all efficient. This is due to one of the sample banks having an efficiency level below one, which is 0.644. It means that conventional bank groups are inefficient.

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