The Persistence Existence of Gossip in Social Media and Exchange Days to Determine Stock Return in the Indonesia Stock Exchange

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Sawidji Widoatmodjo et al.


It isn’t easy to define whether a stock return is determined by a certain factor or exchange day. There were many researches that proved that some influenced stock returns. There were also many researches gave facts that stock returns were caused by specific exchange days, such as week day effect. This research tries to track this logic. We tested the impact of gossips—thatspread out through social media—tostock return and persistence of theimpact. To anticipate the impact of exchange days, this research also included them as control variables. Multivariate statistic technique and combined with event study were used as analysis technique. The result suggests that the gossips in social media don’t show significance to influence the stock return, and no persistence to exist. The conclusion is that gossips in social media can’t be used to determine stock returns.

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