The Effect Spirituality in the Workplace on Organizational Performance with Job Satisfactionas a Moderating Variable In South Sulawesi’s Hospital

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Kartini Hanafi et al.


This study aims to determine the impact of the spirituality in workplace on organizational performance with job satisfaction as a moderating variable. This study used a survey method. The research data were analyzed using the Moderating Regression Analaysis (MRA) method. This study provides results that (1) Workplace spirituality (sense of community and meaning at work) has positive and significant impact on the organizational performance, while inner life does not affect organizational performance; (2) job satisfaction does not affect organizational performance; and (3) job satisfaction is able to moderate effect between spirituality in the workplace and organizational performance. The implications of this research expected to provide service organizations, especially in hospitals, to consider conducting training related to spirituality and provide a work environment that can support the spirituality of employees, so the employees can create a comfortable and friendly environment for each others in the organization.

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