Determinants of the Attitude of Vocational High School Students in Using Computers in Jeneponto Regency

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Grace T. Pontoh et al.


The purpose of this study was to analyze the attitudes of students towards the use of computers as one of the subjects in school. This research used a survey method with data collection techniques by questionnaires with a sample of 210 students and data analyzed using AMOS statistical software. The results indicate: (1) CSE had an influence on attitudes through PEOU; (2) CA has an influence on attitudes through PEOU; (3) PE has an influence on attitudes through PEOU; and (4) PEOU has an influence on attitudes in using computers. This research contributes to the progress of science and technology with TAM and the Social Cognitive Theory which theoretically can provide evidence and support for the advancement of research in the scope of behavioral accounting. Also teachers can form positive attitudes of students in the learning process so as to produce outstanding graduates who are able to accept technological developments.

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