Evaluating Teaching Methods Research Articles published in Iraqi Academic Journals

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Majid Abdul-Mohammed Jassim, Dr. Muna M. A. Al-Khateeb


           Teaching Methods   research   , which lies under the umbrella of educational research  , has witnessed  rapid  development  , however, very few if any  have examined the quality of these articles   .Therefore ,This study aimed at evaluating Teaching Methods  research articles published in Iraqi journals between 2015 and 2019 in the light  of  suggested evaluation criteria developed by the researcher . A descriptive-analytical approach was manipulated  to achieve the goals of the study. The  main tool  the researcher used to  collect data was a content analysis card. The researcher  has benefited from related literature  , journals  , previous studies, and books  to build  the criteria of evaluation  of his study  tool. A total of 160 papers were examined to evaluate the components of research article .The study is considered to be important since it is a second to none in the specialization of Teaching Methods in Iraq. The findings of this study indicate that the total mean score of all categories and subcategories of the 160  articles increase   overtly ; 6608 ( rating score ) , 41.300 ( Mean ) , 82.60 relative weight  on the 5-point scale , which means that these articles strongly met the  suggested evaluation criteria.

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