The Value of Narrative in Al-Bayātī 's Broken Pitchers

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Khalid Muhammed Saleh, Ali Abdul-Raheem Kareem


The subject of our study is the narrative techniques in the poetry of ʻAbd al-Wahhāb al-Bayātī (1926-1999) which were taken into account through the example of his second published works Abārīq Muhashshamah “Broken Pitchers, 1954”, as narration. The aim of the article is to define the features of narration and how the same techniques appear in creative work of a poet, one of the pioneers of modernity in contemporary Arabic poetry, in addition to Badr Shākir al-Sayyāb (1926-1964), and Nāzik al-Malā'ikah (1926-2007). The study defines the following objectives: Determining the approaches developed in studying the aspects of narration in poetry, to distinguish the narrative examples in the modern poetic text under study; To show the process of creating the poetic genre in the Bayati literature through the example of free verse poems. This article seeks, through the methodological principles of narrative research, to reveal the features of the narrative model that organizes communication in al-Bayātī 's poetry, as well as the features of the composition of the narrative structure of the text in al-Bayātī 's collection Broken Pitchers. The article analyzes the poetic texts and their intertwining with prose, as it tries to uncover the narrative and performance discourses from which the poet set out in determining the techniques of narration he uses, the communicative possibilities such as dialogues and the narrator's point of view in the poems at al-Bayātī.

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