Improvement of Educational Quality: Bridging The Total Quality Management to Map Students’ Life Skills at Polytechnic of Health-Ministry

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Aan Komariah et al.


This research was conducted to obtain a description that the Life Skill-Based Academic Service which is formulated based on the results of the evaluation can improve students’ life skills of Higher Education Department of Dental Nursing Polytechnic of health-ministry, Ministry of Health, Tasikmalaya and Bandung. The profile of academic service quality for Dental Nursing at Polytechnic of health-ministry, Ministry of Health, Tasikmalaya and Bandung, has not fully focused on improving life skills more thoroughly including life skills for the business world. Improvement and development of life skills through a number of learning activities, work practices and graduates who are ready to compete in the world of work. Leadership policy in implementing life skill-based academic service quality, oriented to the world of work. The formulation of policies for quality assurance is an elaboration of the vision and mission in order to produce graduates who are competent in the world of work. There is no policy evaluation specifically related to life skills. Evaluation is carried out on the output in the form of graduate and student user satisfaction with the service system. The Total Quality Management (TQM) system for service quality / academic life skill-based management has not been fully supported by the 10 main elements of TQM, especially the scientific approach. Planning focuses on main customers with internal customer support. Quality improvement is carried out by involving quality assurance units, structural and staff as team work. The improvement of the TQM system focuses on providing educational services oriented to the world of work.

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