Information and Communication Technology application inpre-service teacher training programs in Vietnamese universities

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Ngoc Hai Tran et al.


This study investigated how information and communication technologies are beingappliedinteachereducationprogramsinthreeuniversities including Tay Nguyen University, Ha Tinh University and Vinh UniversityinVietnam.Aquestionnaire handfacultybrochureswereusedtocollectdatafromfinalyearpre-service hteachers hinthose institutions hin hVietnam, hwhich hwere hpurposefullyselected.Thefindings hrevealed hthat hthe hthree hhigher heducation hinstitutions hare hnot hexposingpre-service hteachers hto hthe hculture hof he-learning; hpre-service hteachers hand heducational htechnologyteacher-educators hdo hnot hengage hin hreciprocal hintergenerational hmentoring; hdocument hanalysisrevealed hthat heducational htechnology hcourses hdoes hnot hcontain hadequate hICT-based hcontents handactivities; hand hthat heducation hmethod hcourses hdo hnot hinvolve hthe huse hof hICT-based htools hfordesigning hand hcreating hICT-based hactivities. hBased hon hthese hfindings, aaa number of recommendations hwere hmade to improve the ICT application in higher education institutions in Vietnam.

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