Factors Affecting The Use Of Information Communication Technology In Teaching And Learning In Saudi Arabia Universities

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Edrees A. Alkinani


Technology and machine learning are becoming increasingly important in Saudi Arabia educational system. There is a growing demand for educational institutions to use machine learning to teach the skills and knowledge students need for the digital age towards Saudi Vision 2030. The integration and adoption ofdigital technologies into learning and teaching brings more opportunities for Saudi universities students and teachers to better embrace the globalized digital age. There is huge potential for the Saudi educational system to perceive the key role of digital technologies inenhancing the education process quality. The aim of this article is investigating the barriersthat affectteachers’ integration and adoptionof information communication technologies(ICT) in universityclassroom. The study adopted a qualitative research design to collect the data through the semi-structured interview. The sample of the study is four Saudi ICT-experts professors from four public universities in Saudi Arabia. The findings of the study showed that there are three types of barriers namely; teachers’ level barriers e.g. attitudes, knowledge, access, resistance to change. Technology level barriers e.g. compatibility, perceived of useful, institutional barriers. Institutional level e.g. leadership support, resources. The recommendation and suggestion for studies were suggested in light of the findings.

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