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Liwaa Ahmed Abdullah , Rafed kawan Mohammed


This research aims to discover the effect of Nature in Thomas Hardy's chosen literary works. The treatment of Hardy's ecology illustrates the roots of thought that have led to our contemporary environmental crisis. Hardy shares affinity by philosophically reconstructing society in the center of natural elements and images by introducing the true meaning of literary art and nature. Hardy self-consciously depicts the naked reality of nature, property, and the place of man as a reaction towards a mechanized and materialized culture that values technological innovations and expositions politically. Hardy has distinguished nature with his distinctive style and insight. Analyzing the work of Hardy helps to know the social and ecological critiques of Victoria on the relationship between the human environment that are biologically and psychologically fascinating and strange when it comes to placing humans into the universe. The research demonstrates how someone such as Hardy represented his knowledge of nature as a mere reflection of man's harmony or disharmony with his climate. Hardy promotes the belief that setting is an important and fundamental factor of human lives that has a direct effect on their lives consciously and unconsciously. Discussing different characters and their various attributes and functions concerning the natural world around them are of great importance for understanding the link between man and the environment. Hardy not only depicts in his novels but also in his poetry the portrayal of the true position of man in nature and the significance of this representation in human life.

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