The Application Of The Method Of Metamorphosis In The Folklore Of The Peoples Of The East

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Shoira Rustamovna Usmanova


In recent years, interdisciplinary research, including folklore, ethnography, linguoculturology and other disciplines, has been expanding. The complex study of materials related to various sciences ensures the complementarity of the fields of science, contributes to a deeper and more systematic understanding of the phenomena of language and culture. In particular, the comparative study of the specific motives and methods in the discourse of mythological traditions and fairy tales in folklore texts serves to determine the way of thinking, mentality and imagination of different peoples.

This article is devoted to the study of the phenomenon of metamorphosis, which is reflected in the folklore of the peoples of the East. Metamorphosis is the transformation of any being or thing, form or species into a new, different form and type, as well as an unusual change in something. Metamorphoses rely on the most ancient mythopoetic ideas and reflect their unique characteristics.

The article comparatively studies the application of the method of metamorphosis in the myths, legends, epics and fairy tales of the peoples of the East, the universal and different aspectsof metamorphoses. The types of metamorphoses, their ways of occurrence, causes, factors and peculiarities are also described.

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