Design and Construction of Bamboo Stripping machine for Bamboo Basketry

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Thanwamas Kassanuk, Khongdet Phasinam


Handicraft of bamboo weaving has been a tradition that has been inherited for a long time, by using bamboo strips to weave into shapes to make tools and appliances. The bamboo strips are from dividing the longitudinal bamboo trunks into thin strips. In which most farmers will make the strips by hand by using a big knife or sharp objects. As a result, it takes a long time to prepare the bamboo strips to be used in the weaving work. There is also a risk of accidents from the use of sharp objects, including the size of the bamboo strips that is not the same size. This research aims to design and construct bamboo strips by dividing the research into 2 steps: 1) designing and constructing bamboo strips and 2) testing the operation of the stripping machine. The designed machine can be easily moved because it is a small and lightweight machine which is designed using a single-phase electric motor with a voltage of 220 volts, 250 watts, etc. Power to drive the roller through the transmission belt to convey bamboo parts through two 7-degree sets of blades with sharp angles that are placed horizontally. The first blade acts to separate the bamboo parts with the bamboo strips and the second blade acts to sharpen the bamboo strips. The results of the working test of the stripping machine by adjusting the blade angle at 1 and the level into 4 values that are 3, 4, 5, and 6 degrees, it was found that the machine was able to produce bamboo strips in size 1.47, 1.20, 1.97 and 2.27 mm, respectively. The size of the punching line is suitable for weaving containers such as round bamboo basket, wicker basket, and bamboo basket, etc.

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