The Use of Learning Community Incorporating with Lesson Study in Teaching and Learning Mathematics through TPACK and SAMR Model: The Effects on Students’ Mathematics Achievement

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Lilla Adulyasas


The challenge of 21st century education in technological era is to develop effective tools for teaching and learning. This research aimed to (i) use learning community incorporating with lesson study for developing patterns in integrated teaching of mathematics with the use of technology based on TPACK and SAMR Model and determine pre-service teachers’ levels of technology integration in their teaching, (ii) examine the effects of the integrated teaching on students’ achievement, (iii) determine students’ learning retention, and (iv) measure students’ level of satisfaction towards learning. Participants included four pre-service teachers in mathematics education program, Yala Rajabhat University, Thailand who had teaching practicum in 2018 academic year. Samples are 117 secondary students of four intact classes at Satree Yala School whom were selected by purposive sampling based on teaching responsibilities of the four pre-service teachers. The researcher employed quasi-experimental research design for conducting this study. Content analysis was used to examine levels of technology integration among the pre-service teachers while pair sample t-test was used to determine students’ achievement and their learning retention. Moreover, descriptive statistics were used to find their level of satisfaction towards learning. Finding revealed that the pre-service teachers utilized technology in their teaching based on the concept of TPACK with a level four of technology integration in SAMR Model which is the highest level. Moreover, the students’ posttest mean scores were significantly greater than pretest at the significant level of 0.05 in all target contents, the students had learning retention, and showed their satisfaction towards learning.

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