Published: 2023-01-06

The crime of abortion: between the social problem and the problem of Islamic jurisprudence

Dr.Nabil Rabia, Dr.Rafik Hamida, Dr.Tiaiba Takiddine, Dr.Messaouda Adoui


A NEW Design of BSF Using Complementary Split Ring Resonator For spatial application

Mr Abdelkader Serhane, Dr. Mohammed Berka, Dr. Zoubir Mahdjoub


Electronic store preference in businesses

Assistant teacher ALI JAWAD JABER


Nutritional Balance and Its Relationship with Students’ Ability to Concentrate

Dr. Hayat GHIAT, D. Fatima Zohra MERIAH, D. Keltoum aicha SAFI, D.Dalila MERIAH


Evaluation of sports knowledge of basketball for students

Assist. Lec. Muhammed Aboudi Hussain , Assist. Lec. Qasim kareem Jasim ,Assist. Lec. Mohammed Tuama Jebur


Relaxation for athletes: Practical exercises

Saber Benaissa, Khaled Baouche


Mental abilities and their relationship to emotional balance of young weight throw players

Assist. Lec. Sahar Amer Nayyef, Assist. Prof. Dr. Ayman Hani Abed Algburi


The effect of the project's pedagogy strategy on mental operations and the performance of some offensive volleyball skills for students

Lec. Zamn Turki Hashem, Assist. Lec. Rana Hussein Abdel-Sada , Assist. Prof. Dr. Ayman Hani Al-Jubouri