Social Interaction of Celebritical Students in Phenomenology Perspective

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Ni'matuz Zuhroh, M Chairul Basrun Umanailo


Social Interaction of Celebrity Students, Celebrity Students are students whose duties in addition to studying in Higher Education also work as models, singers, endorsements, celebrities and others. This study aims to find out how Celebrity Students interact socially with fellow Celebrity and Non-Celebrity Students and others. This study used a qualitative phenomenological approach described descriptively with data sources consisting of Celebrity Students of Brawijaya University Malang. Data collection techniques in this study are observation, interviews and documentation. The subject selection technique used was purposive sampling and snowball technique. The research subjects were 23 people consisting of 13 main informants, namely celebrity students, consisting of all faculties at Brawijaya University Malang and 10 supporting informants related to the research. The data validity in this study used the Source Triangulation Technique and used the Interactive Analysis of Miles Huberman and Saldana. The results of this study indicate that celebrity students can maintain direct and indirect interactions through cyberspace (Facebook, Instagram, etc. This is at least shown in daily activities that strengthen each other) between one another in academic on-campus or relationships. non-formal outside of academic activities. Even within certain limits between the two of them are mutually beneficial, although it is not uncommon for celebrity students to be willing to be used by other friends (symbiotic parasitism) and sometimes also a symbiotic relationship of mutualism. And produce the following proposition: Proposition If celebrity students open up opportunities and opportunities to exhibit their work, then they will be recognized by their friends at the faculty, university level and can maintain their professionalism and have a good personality, then it becomes easy for celebrity students to become famous.

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