Published: 2021-04-06

Dementia Patient Tracking and Monitoring System

G. Durgadevi, T. Saravanan, Dr. N. Senthil Kumar, V. S. Subeeksha


A Smart Safety Gadget to Provide Protection for Women

Parthiban.P, Dr. Durgadevi.G, S. Kabilavathani, Deepa.V


Deep Well Robotics Manipulator

S.Parthasarathy, C.F.Theresa Cenate, R. Alarmelumangai, M.Dhakshina Moorthy


Analysis of Four Switch BLDC Motor Drive for Industrial applications

K. Sarathy, C.F. Theresa Cenate, M. Merwin Refa


An Assessment Tool for Measuring Learners’ Self-Efficacy

Santhanat Punyasettro, Tarosh Wangwongwiroj, Pratchayapong Yasri


Race, Class and Classics in Age of Iron by John Maxwell Coetzee

Dr. Kaushal Kishore Sharma, Ms. Kavya Shrimali

292 - 295

I-Cas: Intelligent Crop Advisory System for Farmers

P. Gokulakrishnan, A. Thomas Paul Roy, D. Suresh

300 - 305

The Relationship between Vocabulary Size and Reading Comprehension: A Case Study on Saudi High School EFL Learners

Saeed Abdullah Alzahrani, Sabariah Md Rashid, Yong Mei Fung, Ilyana Jalaluddin


URR Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT): The Future of Accounting

Vijai Chandrasekar, Worakamol Wisetsri, Irfan Ullah

320 - 323

Effect of COVID- 19 in Indian Education System: Role of Faculty to Work from Home

Vijai Chandrasekar, Puttithorn Jirayus, Worakamol Wisetsri

324 - 328

Unmanned Bottle Filling Machine

B.Santhosh, et. al.


Soft Drinks Bottle Filling System

B.Santhosh, Dr.K.Vidhya, et. al.


The Extent of National Libraries Interest in Marketing Knowledge and Information from Students' Viewpoints

Dr. Mohammad Ahmad Niqresh, Dr. Tareq N. Hashem, Dr. Heba Al-Malahmeh

518 - 535

The Impact of the COVID – 19 Pandemic on Socio-Economic

Dr. Nguyen Minh Tri, Dr. Luu Thanh Tam

536 - 546

The Impact of the COVID – 19 Pandemic on Socio-Economic

Dr. Nguyen Minh Tri, Dr. Luu Thanh Tam

763 - 771

Pragmatic Analysis of Mitigation Expressions in Some Selected English Texts

Alaa Khaled Nsaif, Taisir Bashar Zaidan Al-Jadiri

772 - 790

References for Receiving Explicit and Implicit Knowledge in the Holy Quran

Dr. Huda Abbas Kanber AL-Saadi, Dr. Amal Fadel Abbas

800 - 817

Obama Ending the War in Iraq: a Critical Discourse Analysis

Doaa Taher AL-Dihaymawee, Shahla Sharifi, Ali Alizadeh

847 - 862

Place and Dialogue in the Storytelling Narrative Literature in the First and Second Abbasid Era

Dr. Zainab Abdulkarim Al-Khafaji, Taisir Bashar Zaidan AL-Jadirl

863 - 878

Construction of Identity in the Song of Solomon

Mr. G. Anburaj , Dr. T. Mangayarkarasi

979 - 986

Stylistic Analysis of Daud Kamal’s Poem Reproductions

Shahab Rehman, Dr. Abdus Samad, Muhammad Tahir Anjum

1008 - 1016