The Concept of Self - Actualization in the 21st Century

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Khilola Nikadambaeva, Karomat Klicheva, Gavkhar Klicheva


This article considers the theoretical aspects of the self-actualization of personality, as represented by domestic and foreign scientists: A. Maslow, K. Rogers, G. Alport, K. Horney, E. Fromm, F. Perles, D. Bigenthal, R. May, L. A. Korosteleva, and others. It is characterized by a rapid pace of chaotic social and economic changes, which mainly have the character of self-destruction and degradation at all levels of the social body, a lack of a clear understanding in all segments of society of the drivers and strategy for overcoming the crisis, the possible direction and pace of development of the country and individual regions.

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