Glossophobic Experiences of Pre-Service Teachers in their Oral Presentations: Causes and Strategies

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Jonnelle D. Fagsao, Julie Grace K. Mi-ing


The study on speaking anxiety among learners has been a compelling focus among educators and researchers in the recent years. An interest is also geared towards glossophobic experiences of students who are pre-service teachers as they are to be educated to be developed as speakers. This research then determined the causes of speaking anxiety among the pre-service teachers at Mountain Province State Polytechnic College-Teacher Education Department (MPSPC-TED).  Phenomenological design was utilized with focused on the lived experiences of the participants in their research oral presentations, oral lesson demonstrations, and oral speaking presentations; observation, and samples of interview output are the primary sources of data. These were transcribed, coded, analyzed, and interpreted. Identified causes are grouped into four major themes: language obstacles, audience manifestation, lack of mastery of the topic, and particular motives. Knowing these causes of problems, strategies were then suggested to ensure support in addressing such anxiety.

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