Smart Farm: Solar Chili Greenhouse by IoT Control System in Kalasin

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Tharach Arreerard, Woraphapa Arreerard, Naruedol Sawatsri, Niraj Ruangsan


This research primarily aims to build the solar chili greenhouse controlled by the IoT control system (SCG-IoT) to support the farmers in Pla Khaonoi Village, Lam Klong Sub-District Community, Mueang Kalasin District, Kalasin Province. In so doing, this study has its objective to study the development and effectiveness of SCG-IoT. The target of this research used to evaluate the appropriateness of the innovation included 8 experts and community leaders. The tools used to collect the data included SCG-IoT, a questionnaire and a record form. The basic statistics: percentage, mean and standard deviation were used in the data analysis. The results of evaluation of innovation of SCG-IoT in overall is at the highest level. This means SCG-IoT is very appropriate in use in the research region. The temperature inside the greenhouse was 49.89 ± 5 percent, while that of outside was 35.59 ± 2 percent; and the humidity inside was 27.72 ± 4 percent. Chili could be roasted and dried within 3 days, which takes about 8-10 days less than that of the traditional drying process.

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