TinkerCAD- A Virtual Platform for Home Automation Applications

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Kalyan Dusarlapudi, K Narasimha Raju, Sai Praveen Vobhilineni, Md Ayan, Naga Chaitanya Munukutla, B Jyothi


In this paper proposes an effective platform for implementation of home automation processes. The home automation activities are versatile depends upon the user interest and requirement where portable devices like sensors and actuators are used as a user interface. The devices can communicate among individual components over an internet gateway by means of ZigBee WIFI protocols. The power and data transmission capabilities are limited to small ranges. In academic laboratories students face connection hassle in executing the automation processes, leads to loss of components due to misconnection and complexity in circuit debugging. The effective solution to realize various automation applications through AUTODESK TINKERCAD.  The paper consists of demonstrative views of executing home automation applications in keypad-based door unlocking with IR based appliances control, home appliances over voltage circuit protection, the home interior appliances through motion, ambient light and temperature, and concludes with an application of garage car parking lot. The component connection, the programming logics, has been discussed and results are demonstrated using the recorded step by step video links for individual applications.

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