The Semiotics of the Visuals, Songs, Dances and Music: Analysing Aesthetics of Indian Cinema with Reference to 3 Idiots, An Adaptation of Chetan Bhagat’s Fiction Five Point Someone

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Dr Niteen Vasant Dandekar


The present paper is in the form of a humble attempt, on the part of the researcher, to explore the possibility of analyzing the Aesthetics of Bollywood Cinema by looking at the selected film adaptation with Semiotic perspective. After defining the terms ‘Semiotics’, and ‘Mise-en-Scene Analysis’, he aims at deciphering Aesthetics of Indian Cinema.  Here the terms ‘visual design’, ‘signs and codes’, ‘symbols’, ‘metaphors’, ‘discourse-words and phrases’ and other compositional elements in the film are discussed elaborately.  Great care has been taken, here, to avoid the film jargon.  He refers to the established conventions as socio-cultural norms prevalent in the film industry in India. This is followed by the in-depth analysis of the selected film.  Here the researcher takes into consideration the use of images, video intake  of the song, the linguistic connotations of the song, melody element, the get up of the character, dresses and costumes, musical scores, and their linkage with the narration in the film

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