Curriculum and Evaluation in Outcome-Based Education

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Dr. Gurudutta P Japee, Dr. Preeti Oza


The “Outcome-Based Education” (OBE) model is being adopted at a fast pace in education institutions. it's considered an enormous breakthrough to enhance education across the world . Outcome-based education (OBE) may be a student-centered instruction model that focuses on measuring student performance through outcomes. Outcomes include knowledge, skills, and attitudes. there's a hidden contradiction within the projection and implementation of the OBE. One results in Multidisiciplinarity and therefore the other results in OBE. At first, we expect freedom and in other structured progress is predicted . One results in democratic knowledge and therefore the other results in capitalist knowledge management. Our education is sort of a lady with over ornaments who is unable to steer simply because of the load she carries of the ornaments. Technology silences the mind and not questioning a mind and thus this information society or knowledge society is ignorant and this may come whenever and wherever we mention mass education and not class education. This paper discusses the necessity and importance of curriculum formation and enhancing evaluation within the Outcome Bases education –OBE

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